ePulse helps you efficiently stay up to date on latest ESG risks, innovations, and developments...delivering the right information without data overload.

ePulse delivers the latest and most comprehensive information and insights about environmental, social and governance (ESG) developments impacting the organizations, companies, regions, and issues you need to track to make smart business decisions. Our robust web monitoring technology constantly searches tens of thousands of traditional and non-traditional media sources and monitors web sites relevant to ESG issues so you can rest assured you won't miss any important developments. Our team of ESG specialists analyzes these developments to find the most important ones and help you make sense of what they mean.

We offer the following services:

  • ePulse Web Portal: Access the latest ESG news and developments related to the subject matter you want to track, easily organized by topic (such as Environment or Workplace), by organization or company, by geographic region, or by any of a number of other 'cuts' of the data (e.g., innovation, new programs/policies, new rules/regulations, lawsuits and adverse events, etc), or by any other project-specific subject matter. See which stories gained the most coverage in which sources and see trends and comparisons from analytics. Just a click away, our online portal provides one-stop access to abstracts of news and developments you can scan quickly with links to original on-line articles when you want to learn more.
  • ePulse Reports: Receive periodic in-depth reports where the latest ESG news and developments have been reviewed to spot the most significant items and analyzed so you can see trends and patterns that are hard to discern in the daily flow of news. Compare how peers are managing ESG issues, how the media is covering key developments, and how activists and governments are influencing ESG issues. Our reports also include insights and recommendations prepared by our analysts to offer guidance on the strategic implications of the latest emerging developments
  • Custom Research: Our existing ePulse system provides robust tracking of a broad range of ESG topics and subtopics, 1000+ companies, NGOs and activist groups, and a full range of additional subjects. However, for customers with other needs, we offer specialized applications to monitor and/or analyze developments for specific companies, industries, activist groups, regions, and/or subject matter to meet client-specific business needs. We can monitor specific web sites and media sources, as well as automatically extract key data from online databases.

How We Work

With each new client, we collaborate to understand the scope of information that is of most value, addressing such things as specific:

  • ESG subject matter to monitor, such as environmental issues (climate change, sustainability, water, waste, etc.), social issues (human rights, ethics, community, etc.); governance issues (policies, board/executive issues, etc.), workplace issues (labor, diversity, working conditions, etc.), etc.
  • Organizations (companies, NGOs, governments, vendors/suppliers, etc.)
  • Sources of information to review (media, newsletters, websites, trade groups, blogs, etc.)
  • Types of developments of interest (awards/recognition, regulatory developments, product recalls, etc.)
  • Geographic regions of interest

In addition, we agree the depth of coverage desired, the most appropriate reporting format and frequency, and the degree of analysis that's most helpful.

Following this initial assessment, we configure our ePulse technology to collect information with the maximum relevancy and value, enhanced by the review and analysis of our team of analysts. Once the client begins using our service, we continue to get feedback to refine and fine-tune the information and analysis provided to ensure it is on target and accommodates changing business needs.

Learn More

To learn more about ePulse, review our case studies or any of the links on this website, or contact us to arrange a demonstration.