ePulse serves a diverse group of professionals that need to "keep their finger on the pulse" of the latest ESG developments.

Our clients have a common need for timely, easy-to-access insights about the latest environmental, social and governance (ESG) developments.

Our clients use ePulse in different ways:

  • Corporations use ePulse to stay ahead of their competitors by proactively managing ESG issues, to spot emerging risks and potentially damaging media coverage, and to understand how their own developments compare to that of their peers. ePulse's ESG intelligence provides value to a range of corporate decision-makers, including senior management, strategic planning, corporate communications, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility managers.
  • Investment Professionals use ePulse to more effectively integrate environmental and social issues into their investment decisions and to identify ESG developments impacting companies in their investment portfolios. ePulse helps investors and lenders to side-step high-risk investments by spotting companies that are targets of activist or government actions for poor ESG performance.
  • NGOs, Municipalities, and Government Groups use ePulse to keep track of developments and emerging issues tailored to their particular area of interest. ePulse helps these organizations see the real-world impact of their initiatives and monitor emerging trends among peer organizations.
  • ESG Professionals use ePulse to keep updated on the latest industry and regulatory developments involving, or of interest to, the clients and markets they serve.

For examples of how ePulse helps our clients, see our case studies.