Data-driven analytics help you make sense of the data and see changes and trends.

ePulse provides a suite of original ESG analytics built from our proprietary ESG data sets that help you see patterns and trends and compare and contrast companies, NGOs, industry sectors, ESG subjects, and related information.

ePulse analytics help you answer questions such as:

  • What ESG topics or specific stories received the most media coverage in the last quarter?
  • Which ESG topics are increasing in significance related to my specific subject matter (e.g., in my industry, my country, etc)?
  • Which ESG-related stories garnered the most media coverage for my organization? For my competitors/peers?
  • How did my organization compare to its peers in the amount of positive versus negative media coverage for ESG issues in the past year?

Our more advanced analytics and related metrics can help you gain further insights into those organizations that are actively demonstrating leadership qualities and are (or are not) at the leading edge on key ESG issues.

By integrating our analytics into our web portal service, we provide a current 'dashboard' of information that helps you maintain a clear picture of current activities and spot changes and emerging developments early.