ePulse brings together a unique combination of seasoned ESG experts and advanced proprietary technology.

Our People - A seasoned team of ESG and technology experts.

The ePulse team is a unique group of seasoned ESG professionals, analysts, and technology experts. We have decades of experience working inside companies, NGOs, and other organizations, helping them monitor, track, and make sense of emerging ESG issues so they can prepare for the impact and seize the opportunity within these trends. We understand the strategic implications of ESG issues and the needs, concerns, activities, and constraints of companies working to manage and improve their performance in these areas.

Each member of the ePulse team has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental, sustainability and social responsibility fields.

In addition to our subject matter and professional expertise, we also have years of experience applying information technology solutions to help address and support these needs.

Our team has worked globally with companies and NGOs to address issues related to most major industry sectors:

Our Technology - Watching the web, so you don't have to.

Our proprietary web mining technology was developed by ESG specialists with a depth of knowledge in ESG terminology and relevant information sources.

The ePulse technology:

  • Comprehensively monitors 40,000+ web sources, including media, company, NGO, goverment, blogs and other sources - ensuring extensive breadth of coverage.
  • Uses sophisticated and proprietary algorithms to identify, score and rank subject - ensuring relevancy and avoiding data overload.
  • Operates 24x7 - ensuring emerging developments are not missed.
  • Uses unique techniques to watch websites and other content - revealing data and insights not picked up by common 'news readers.'
  • Is continuously updated - ensuring new sources and new/emerging issues are covered.
  • Is flexible - enabling us to fine-tune sources and topics to most closely meet client needs.
  • Operates from our own servers - requiring no software to buy/install.

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Our History - A story about working smarter

In 2003, ePulse’s founder, Larry Krupp, was providing sustainability consulting services to a European chemical company and was dismayed to realize that a significant event had happened with this company several weeks before that he had not been aware of. Like many of us, despite the best intentions to stay up with the latest news on the web, he was just too busy to keep track of all the news developments affecting his clients and industries. He knew he had to do better and vowed to develop technology that would watch the web for him and automatically alert him to significant news impacting his clients.

Fast-forward a year: With the new technology invented and working, Larry was on his way to a client meeting when his cell phone buzzed with an automatic text message notifying him that his client had just sold a division. He walked into the meeting and mentioned this latest news, which his client was not even aware of yet.

ePulse has evolved substantially since then, but the objective of those early efforts is still at the core of our mission: to know that our technology is watching the web for our clients so they can rest assured they know of all the relevant information they need to know. Today, when someone asks our clients if they've heard about a recent development, they can respond not only "we heard about that" (often weeks ago), but often they are able to provide further insights about the issue, such as what companies are doing, what NGOs are saying, or how governments have responded.