ePulse delivers targeted timely intelligence on environmental, social and governance risks and innovative responses.

ePulse provides a one-stop source to stay on top of the latest trends in environmental/sustainability, social and governance (ESG) issues impacting our world. ESG issues have become critical to the success of corporate, government, and civic activities and initiatives and are increasingly the focus of the public, key stakeholders, and the investment community. ePulse helps key professionals overcome data overload to see:

  • Emerging Risks: ePulse informs you of ESG developments that could affect performance, reputation, public opinion or the competitive landscape.
  • Leadership activity and benchmarking: ePulse identifies which companies, regions, cities, etc are leaders in taking action on key issues and adopting innovative practices.
  • Buzz factor: ePulse allows you to see how widely an issue or story is covered, how key developments and changes are perceived and how sentiment is changing over time.

What sets ePulse apart?:

  • Our proprietary technology, developed by ESG professionals, that searches thousands of media sources and web sites globally.
  • Data-driven ESG analytics that help you see patterns and compare peformance.
  • The analysis of our ESG specialists, which helps you recognize the most relevant emerging developments and key insights.